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Why Choose Rooftop Bars Over Regular Bars?

Whenever me or my friends or those so called chums have a plan to go out for drinks, one thing, except those, expense counts, friend selection, & drink choices, makes me go crazy is the heating conversation of choosing between rooftop bars or regular bars?

I still can’t believe how someone would hate enjoying his favorite drinks under the blue sky. It’s a way better option to have a fun time out in night, under the lap of nature than to doing it in a square like box, yup!

Those suffocating bars- so here we’ve some quint essential points to put across the world of difference between rooftop bars & regular bars…

Rooftop Bars Vs. Regular Bars

Rooftop Bars: It’s peaceful, quite and takes you to the beguiling views that you have ever experienced. Utterly concord! Hold your favorite wine in hand, take a little sip and enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s almost a scenic experience.

Regular Bars: Regular Bars, Regular, Average with nothing but the same traditional things.

Regular Bar

Image Source : http://bit.ly/2f6Je2W

They are just the bars on the name of bar. So your hunt for extreme fun and excitement will be achieved from there.

Rooftop Bars: They create magic images, taken from the high altitude over the terraces.


Its actual view gives you a way better feeling than those ordinarily ordinary bars…just click the pictures and rule over your facebook/Instagram profiles. It’s another added feature, isn’t it?

Regular Bars: As compared to terrace bars, regular bars are bit crowdie where you don’t get as much empty space as offered by the terrace bars.

Especially when you are in quest of mental peace and want to connect with nature, terrace bars really make sense.

Rooftop Bars: Apart from the delicious food and great company, the locations and ambience is what actually creates the atmosphere and make you stay there for more time even.

When the clement air touches your face, and you see the blue sky over you, you literally feel blessed and touched by nature itself which generally doesn’t happen in the regular bars.

Moreover, one of the biggest reason why rooftop or terrace bars worth approaching is because they talk extravagant lights, crispy sounds, smells and overall, expresses the beauty of city what that has to offer. Drink, food, party, happy faces, everything is just startling.


After this, I don’t think you would have any further plan or even a single doubt in your brain to think over regular bars. And when you are in Dubai, you are the luckiest one since it takes you to the drive of some literally amazing rooftop bars standing at some breathtaking locations.

Even some of them enable you to see the mesmeric view of startling Dubai city, the palm beaches, burj khalifa, burj al arab etc..

So the outcome is very simple, from all the angles, rooftop bars win the race. Once you will reach there, you will actually experience the majestic beauty and entirely different experience of enjoying your drinks.

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