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Xennya Terrace

Rooftop Bars to Enjoy the Beguiling Weathers Of Nature, Summer & Winter

Rooftop bars, these days is the new cool. No matter what weather is out there, you have an option to get the best out of it. And when it comes to Xennya Terrace, you have everything to enjoy in all three seasons, including summer, winter & rain.

It’s truly an opaque, riveting and an astounding spot for the picturesque sundowners.  If you love nature and the scenic beauty of Dubai, then you will love this.


Apart from the open rooftop, boasting the mesmeric nearby view, it has the shelters provided to you for the winter and rainy season where you can enjoy your favorite choice of drinks, Arabic food, Shisha, and snacks.

Arabic Food

Also the blistering tower, Burj Al Arab along with other fascinating allures including – Palm & Jumeirah, isn’t it great? The overall beauty of Dubai is bound around this scenic bar.

During winters

No, No, you are not gonna shiver of cold or to get strokes of chilling air which blows from the skyline directly.

There are beautifully created Arabic styled shelters on the top of the bars for you where you can enjoy your food, the surrounded scenic beauty and of course your favorite shisha with mouth savoring snacks.

Tell me, can there be anything better than this? No matter whether you bring down your friends or head on with your loved one, the experience is going to be equally amazing.


During Summers

When there is summer, there is something, in fact a lot of things for you to enjoy. Especially when you decided to enjoy your evening tea in this bar, you’re seriously making the wisest decision of your life.

Believe me; you would love to enjoy your favorite drinks along with shisha. The evening ambience of this place is simply breathtaking. It makes you spellbound and all you have is a lot of fun and excitement.

When it’s rain

If you love rainy season, don’t hesitate to go out & experience the closest view of dazzling downpour. Be inside the shelters and enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks.

Overall, the bar has something to offer for almost all the individuals. So if you are planning to go out for your next date or with your family or friends, Xennya terrace is exactly the place where you should head on.

Rooftop Bar Dubai Arabian Style

It’s a melting pot of all the joyful ingredients where you get your food, shisha, location, view and the freshest air of nature. You have all the good reasons to head on to this wonderful place.

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