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How To Smoke Shisha Like A Pro?

As the popularity of Shisha (hookah) increasing in the west, Shisha bars and lounges are becoming more and more common places. You can find a lot of Shisha places in Dubai as well as many Terrace bar providing hookah facilities. As it’s a wonderful alternative to smoking, you would just love to try it out at least once in a lifetime. However, as the beginner there are different types of skills which you need to know before you try it out. It is far different than your routine smoking experience.

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There are etiquettes, handling techniques, and other technical things which you need to know before trying it out along with your friends. Shisha is the traditional Arab water pipe for which it’s actually called hookah by most of the individuals. If you already smoke cigars or cigarette, soon you will differentiate the taste of all other available mediums of smoking (Shisha is best of all).

In the Middle East, Shisha is one of the pleasures of youth and for the youth; this is another traditional yet very stylish medium of trying out smoke in an evening in congenial company while trying out its different flavor.
When it comes to smoke Shisha, choosing and blending tobacco is truly an art, so if it’s your first, go with a friend who already knows how to blend and choose tobacco or you can also take assistance from the waiter who will be more than happy to assist you.

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Moreover, there are countless different flavors, which make your hookah experience even more sensational. So before you sit for the final puffs, do some research about the flavors and choose what is better for you in your first attempt. Some form of tobacco are much harder where others are deliciously lighter, so decide accordingly and opt something which can get you more fun.

One of the worst fear which pops up in first-time-Shisha-smokers mind is the fear of choking which can indeed create a lot of trouble and can also become the matter of disrespect in front of other girls. The case of chocking generally happens due to the large quantity of coal, which makes the smoke become harsh. Sometimes, there are chances of a foil to be burnt, but that’s not a major issue.

Shisha at Xennya Terrace

It’s better to ask for some assistance, staff members or available folks will help you out and will quickly resolve the issue. Sometime, individuals are mugged with the taste, but that all depends on the type of flavor you choose. If it’s your first time, try out the lighter flavor just to get the hang of how it all work and then play with the blend of flavors.

As the beginner, try not to inhale excessively at first otherwise it will make you feel high soon and might compel you to wrap up your session too early. You are also advised to not to eat a hearty meal before the session or it will lead you to an obnoxious feeling. Also, don’t over-think about it. Let yourself enjoy your good time rather than focusing on the flavor and amount of tobacco you inhale.

Let the excitement build and have happy smoking experiences…

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