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How to Order Drinks At The Bar like A pro?

Those who occasionally visit to bars can find it extremely difficult at first few attempts. Especially for the introvert guys who are always diffident at dealing with the bartender. So this is the basic blog which is easily going to educate to assist you how to order drinks at the bar? These tips are applicable to all sorts of bar ranging from rooftop bars to street established.

Rooftop Bar

Initially, you must be clear with the choice of your drink that you want to have. Next, ask your bartender for the drink using standard bar terminology. Once you got your drink, pay for it and then leave a tip (depending on your pocket).

If you don’t have much knowledge about alcohol, then spends time in learning about the different bar terminology and types. Though this won’t showcase you as a pro initially, but you will be more comfortable ordering drinks.

Choose your drink


While you are choosing your drink, stay away from the bartender to indicate that you are not ordering. If there is not much rush, talk to bartender for drink recommendations. If the bar is busy and you have no clue, what to do then, order a simple drink like coke/rum. Or look at the beer taps on the wall to find what’s best, Else look at the bar menu for wine, cocktail, beer and other choices.

Wait till you are noticed by a bartender

Bar equips its own etiquettes which you need to follow while being with your friends. If there is a rush, you should wait. Never snap, whistle, wave money or yell at the bartender as it’s shown as the misbehavior. Once you are ready to order, just stand close to the bars keeping your hands on the counter. This will send a message that you want to order a drink. Once the bartender is ready to attend, they will approach you and will ask for your order.

Order your drink

Rooftop Bar

As bars are loud most of the times, you need to speak loud and clear. If you want to order more than one drink, compile your order in order at in one go instead wandering around for each drink. When requesting for mixed drinks, clearly mention your liquor type with a brand name that you want to add. For an instance, Rum & Coke, Bacardi & Soda, Margarita on the rocks with two pints of beer etc…

Pay for drinks

Pay for Drinks
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Once you got your drinks, then pay for it. Ask the bartender, they will pass you the bill of how much you have to pay in total. Make sure that you have cash, credit card/debit card ready. It would be a bad idea to rummaging your pocket and purse (vice-versa) to find the money.

Last, after making a payment, if liked the services offered by the bar staff, you can also leave some money as tip depending on your pocket. It all depends on your will.

So next time when you go to bars, you know how to order drinks over there, right?

Enjoy …

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