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Hookah Etiquette – A Simple Guide

Smoking Hookah is not a new trend. Its culture is like a huge umbrella that envelopes the history, traditions, atmosphere, and etiquette, on the top.

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The hookah culture has spread its wings in almost all the corners of world. If you share this experience with your friends then you must observe the courtesy followed by them. These manners lucidly show that you truly respect the people and the tradition with whom you’re enjoying it.

Smoking Hookah at Xennya Terrace

Below are some important social faux pas that you need to avoid while enjoying hookah.

Keep the pace reasonable

The pace also matters a lot. Take 2-3 minutes to enjoy the flavorful smoke and then pass it to the next person in a timely and efficient manner. If all the smokers relish the hookah at a reasonable speed, it will come back to you and endow you with good opportunities to enjoy the delighted session.

Share the hose

Don’t give a bear hug to the hookah as it not good to hog the hookah alone. Pass the hose with people sitting around you. Don’t leave anyone.

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If you are conscious about the hygiene, use the hose with a detachable mouthpiece or you can keep few mouth tips in the pocket. In plain words, hookah is all about social interaction, so behave well with other smokers.

Placement is important

You won’t believe, but the position of hookah can be very discourteous to many individuals. During the session, place the hookah on the floor rather than on a table or any other risen place as many will think that your hookah is empowering theirs.

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Although it sounds a bit strange, but it’s very true, thus be careful with the placement.

Don’t break the rotation process

Generally a rotation is set to ensure that every person receives an equal opportunity to smoke from the hookah. You should pass it everyone else out there. It’s discourteous and will stretch the time it takes for the mouthpiece to get to others. All the hookah lovers should get reasonable opportunities to smoke.

Hookah Etiquette

Use right hand while passing the hose

When smoking hookah with others, always use your right hand as left hand is thought to be unhygienic in some parts of the world. Some people protect themselves by saying that their left hand is as clean as the right one. You can offend and insult your guests or hosts by overlooking this rule.

Don’t smoke cigarettes

Keep your urge of puffing cigarette under control and keep them aside during the session. Moreover, don’t keep the ash in the tray and don’t light the cigarette on the coals. These are a ‘big no’ in the Middle East, but also unappreciated by people everywhere.

Be mindful when you blow the smoke

Do not blow smoke on the faces of others. Some like it while some don’t. If any person in the group doesn’t want you to puff the smoke on his/her face, just avoid it! In some places, unwanted smoke in the face is considered as disgusting, impolite, and rude.

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All these etiquettes seems pretty simple, isn’t? So, follow all these etiquette and enjoy the magic of hookah with your peers.

Happy Smoking!

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