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Must Try Fantasia Shisha Flavors for Hookah Lovers

How many times do you think of the best fantasia Shisha flavors when ordering a Shisha at your favorite bar or lounge?

From Grape Mint to Apple Flavor, Watermelon to Double Apple, there are other truly magical flavors that will inspire you to say WOW.

Don’t get confused as here we have sketched out the best fantasia Shisha flavors that you must try next time during a drowsy hookah session with your hookah buddies.


Apple Flavor

Just imagine you are sinking your teeth into a fresh green apple. The exciting and refreshing flavor leaves an incredible feeling.

Its sweet and sour combination will chill you out amazingly from top to bottom.

If you’ve been seeking for a fantastic apple flavor, don’t miss out this one!

Double Apple

Double Apple hookah flavor is the flavor of choice, particularly for traditional hookah smokers who believe in smoking best, after the mind flavor.

It’s wholly a classic flavor which keeps the same recipe for decades and its every single puff with great smoke clouds and tantalizing flavor will get the heavenly awesome feeling.

Grape Mint

Grape Mint flavor comes up with a sharp minty accent.

Initial puffs of these amazing flavors seems to be pretty overpowering, so much that it should have been named “mint with grape”.

But once the session is picked up to the stream, the grape flavor starts coming through in spades.

It ends up tasting like grape with slender cooling sensation. So when you want to try something overpowering, this is something you should definitely try.

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Grape Flavor

Grape Shisha Flavor tastes exactly like a sugared white grape juice.

If you are crazy about Grape Hookah Tobacco Flavor, you must add it to your collection.

Being so juicy in its tasty, it perfectly produces great clouds through its every puff & meant for a gratifying and prolonged smoke session.

Lemon Mint

Lemon Mint is all time customer’s favourite shisha flavors, but not for the cautious ones.

If you have got the asleep taste buds, Lemon mint is just like pouring a bucket of ice on your asleep roommate.

You know what I mean. And the best part is that, the taste of its tobacco lasts for an hour.

It’s an amazing blend of citrus sour and minty in the beginning and as long as it continues to burn its taste becomes sweeter and delicious. It’s all about “Wake Up”.

Watermelon Flavor

The moment you will smell this, you will be overwhelmed with a deep watermelon scent. The candy watermelon flavor of watermelon hookah tobacco is just marvelous. Its smoke is made to produce superbly smooth and pretty huge clouds of shisha smoke.

Apart from that, its bowls do have the amazing tendency to turn sweeter over time.

If you want something sweet, sour, fruity, crunchy, and heavenly on the top, then these fantasia shisha flavors will do the perfect job for you.

Try them and get the best out of Hookah smoking experience.

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