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7 Types of Bars to Visit this Summer

You think bar is just the bar, but somewhere you are wrong. Bars too have different breeds and varieties. If you indeed don’t know about the different types of bar, this is the article you should stumble upon. Once you will go through to the list, you will have more option than now to try your favorite drinks or to find the different one which will, afterward turn out to be your favorite ones.

Sports Bar

Here we go…

1. Neighbourhood Bars


You can find neighborhood bars anywhere near your locality in Dubai, which don’t just offer great drinks but also your favorite Shisha. Some of them open as early as 6 a.m. and get close as long as the long hours till 11-12 pm or sometimes over the night. They are perfect for the small-scale party and entertainment options such as pool tables, video games, jukeboxes, darts and much more

2. Brewpub or Beer Bar

As microbrews are more and more popular these days, you can get an opportunity to brew your own beer. If you are a true beer lover, brewpub or beer bar can offer you different types of beers. Most brewpubs sell their own beer options with some selections of bottled beer too. You can find them near your streets or sometimes in the form of rooftop bars in Dubai.

3. Sports Bar

Sports Bar

The size and ambience of sports bar may different form the establishment capacity. It can be a specific version of the neighbourhood tavern or they can also take a life as big as clubs do. Usually, sports bar provides some kinds of snack options including burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and appetizers. Since the major attraction is sporting events it has televisions to view games where video and audio technology comes into view.

4. Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar

As the name suggests, this is a type of standard bar which serves you with the mixed drinks such as rum and coke, gin and tonic. In addition, they also serve beer and wine. They also include wine openers, bar mat, napkin caddy, etc…

5. Dive Bar

Cocktail Bar

A dive bar is such a bar or pub which holds a relaxed and informal atmosphere. They may also refer as the neighbourhood bars by local residents where people from the nearby areas gather to drink and socialize.

6. Cabaret

Cabaret is more into entertainment which includes dance, music, song, comedy, drama recitation and other such similar activities for enjoyment purpose. Here, the audiences generally sit at tables and enjoy finest drinking and dining. However, entertainment here is usually oriented towards adult audiences.

7. Mini Bar

As we say, it’s mini bar which is small, private snack and beverage bar which is often found nestled in upscale western-style hotel rooms. It comes in the form of a small counter along with a small sized refrigerator stocked with the accurate inventory. During their stay, the guests staying in the room can take a beverage or snack at any time during their stay.

With this long list of bars providing a lot of drinks and food options, you can have more fun than ever during your every visit…

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