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7 Bar Etiquettes: How to Behave Like A Gentleman At A Bar?

Whoa, I am having too much fun, can you bring my drinks, Oh, this place is so creepy, can you please play that Bieber’s song, Ahhhhhhhh, I am too loud…well these are some of the irritating things and many more, that most people do at rooftop bar.

Rooftop Bar

That’s why, we are going to share with you some common but important bar etiquettes that you must follow to behave like a gentleman. Whether you are heading to the hottest new club of the city, want to drink ample of beer, or just want to listen the jukebox at your local hole in the wall, these bar etiquette tips are really worth.

1. Keep some cash with you

While you are going to hit a party, don’t try to be that guy who just ask to the random guys, till the waitress go to gets the machines to get the payment done for your drinks. Keep the amount of cash, so that you can pay for your drinks at least.

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2. Don’t make noise, touch, handshake to people in washroom

Yeah you are on the top of zenith after crossing your drinking limit. You are riding on a horse, but may be others not. So don’t shout in the bathroom, talk, acknowledge people in the washroom. You’re will ruin your image by doing this.

3. Don’t treat bartenders like your maid and servants, be polite

After drinking or while ordering your drinks, don’t turn out to be that rude guy/girl who thinks bartenders are from different planets. Respect them, talk to them politely. If you misbehave with them, it means you are indirectly asking others around you to stay away from you, including your opposite attractions.


4. Don’t tell everyone how much fun you are having

Yeah, you know you are loving it, you are having amazing fun, but keep it limited to yourself or just simply enjoy that momentum. Why bother others while no one is interested in your talks or maybe others are not in that good mood.

5. Don’t step on others while dancing

There are some people who just go to bars to dance and that’s completely fine. But don’t try to show off people how better your moves are and how amazing you are dancing on the beat. Also, be careful from stepping on to others toes.

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6. Don’t be a choosy chic

Hey, the DJ has no sense of music, this song is so irritating, play that song from that particular movie, or I just enjoy my favourite bieber. This is going to be really-really-really embarrassing. Remember, you are in a social party and you can’t impose your personal choices on others.

7. Don’t irritate others (strangers) to buy your drinks

It’s literally shows your cheapness and how poor guy/girl you are. Keep some self respect. Even if someone is forcing you to get drinks for you simply deny it with happy expressions. People will love to be around you then.

Be careful!

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