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Tips For Dining At An Arabic Restaurant

Generally in western culture, we people prefer to have some private and alone time to revitalize our lives with perfect delicacies, but in Arab societies, dining scenario is completely different. It’s more welcoming and inviting. Because Arabians need no boundary of social time and group dining, and frequent invitation visits are more than expected there.

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If you are dining at an Arabic restaurant then here are top 5 Arabian dining tips which you need to put into consideration. You need to be more mature, more respectful and more disciplined while sharing the dining table with Arabians.

Basic Etiquettes

Arabs just love to host the social functions, more often than the westerns. And here, one most important thing that you need to put into consideration is to serve food on your plate with your left hand.


You should use your right hand mainly for the dishes that are used by more than just you. If the food is on your own plate, there is problem in eating with knife and fork in each hand.  Be generous and makes sure that you follow the etiquites properly.

Try to avoid water between the meals since it’s considered unhealthy. Use it in between the meal only when it’s highly necessary.

Your body language

Second counts on your presence, how you behave, how you sit, talk, react etc. Make sure you sit properly.

While sitting at the dining table at Arabic restaurant, avoid draping your legs over the arms of a chair, don’t slouch or sit sloppily when talking to your guests since it indicates the lack of respect.

Also, try not to cross legs on top of a desk. And when you are talking while standing, don’t lean against the wall and don’t keep your hands into your pockets. It shows that you are uninterested.

While asking for seconds

If you have finished your food and want more then make sure that you get only the quantity that you can eat and try to get bit on your plate.

Though asking for the second is not a bad thing. You need to ensure that it’s in quantity sufficient enough to please your appetite. Don’t waste it.

Politely Say No

Once you’ve had enough with your meal, you need to push your plate a couple of inches away. However, in the absence of a plate, it gets very hard to judge for a host to decide whether you have had enough or not.

As the sign of hospitality, your host will ask you to have more so you have to refuse it politely by saying no that means you are done with your food. It’s a final call.

Say Thank You

Last but not the least, once you are finally done with your food and all formalities are done along with the basic ones, the get-together and all, say thanks profusely to all the accompanied guests and the host.

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