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Xennya Terrace

A hidden gem – Xennya Terrace Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Holiday Inn Al Barsha

This is exactly how I felt walking into Xennya Terrace Rooftop Bar & Lounge at Holiday Inn, I’d heard about this place before and even when dining at The Royal Budha read about it again but somehow time was never on my side so last week J and I finally decided to check it out and it was exactly like Jarod said – it was like finding buried treasure!

Firstly service was impeccable and I don’t say this often – but the staff was so friendly and service was excellent. Even when the rain started we were swiftly rushed to another area!

Secondly, presentation was on point
From the nasi-goreng to the club sandwich I was quite honestly not expecting such neat presentation. A definite 5 on 5 for that.

Ok coming back, another surprise was the calamari rings we ordered, I was expecting the usual thin frozen calamari but we received fresh chunky squid rings with a spicy aioli dip (I would have preferred an option for tartar sauce however)

The club sandwich too is something worth raving about with beef bacon, meats and egg – all served on a crusty bread – this was another table favourite!

For the drinks we choose a mojito and a bull frog and both we were great however considering the weather I think rum would have been a better choice

The random loves:

  1. The sheesha (I know its not food but I loved it and I’m random)
  2. The club sandwich AED 55.00 (served with fries and a side salad)
  3. The Nasi goreng AED 65.00
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